How JOE Can


Joe, along with his team at Franchise Performance Group specialize in creating the franchise sales breakthroughs necessary to propel franchisors forward to becoming iconic brands and industry leaders. Before a franchisor can even think about creating a breakthrough, three brand pillars must be in place:

1. Strong unit-level economics. Franchisees must be making a strong return on time and money by the franchisees’ definition of “a good return.”

2. Trusting franchisee-franchisor relationships. The culture must be defined by a mutual respect between these two parties.

3. Solid franchisee validation. When candidates ask franchisees, “Knowing what you know now, would you have made the same decision again?” 80% of franchisees should be responding with an enthusiastic “Yes.”

Any franchisor who doesn’t have these brand pillars solidly in place is already in decline. They don’t have a franchise sales problem, they have an operations problem.

If you have these three pillars in place, call us. You are close to a franchise sales breakthrough. Joe is an expert in identifying what is holding the franchise back, eliminating the bottlenecks and creating what is missing, namely:

  1. Crafting your value proposition as a franchise opportunity

  2. Identifying the qualities of a successful franchisee

  3. Creating a candidate-friendly, step-by-step franchisee recruitment process consistent with how people buy franchises

  4. Executing a cost-effective lead generation strategy

  5. Building a team of highly skilled franchisee recruiters

  6. Developing financing sources that understand your brand

  7. Providing the necessary leadership to make sure all of the above occurs and that the franchisor creates and sustains a breakthrough


Franchisors don’t really want franchise sales training, they want a breakthrough in results. And breakthroughs only occur when franchise salespeople do two things: develop a better understanding about what it takes to master their craft, and hold more powerful conversations with franchise candidates.

Training is a failed strategy to modify behavior. Think about all the training you’ve taken in the past.  How much of it are you implementing right now?  Training without ongoing support and accountability is a waste of time and money. We won’t take your money unless we can create a breakthrough. And breakthroughs take 4-6 months. Once the breakthrough happens and we observe franchise salespeople skillfully implementing their craft, we end the engagement.